Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Massachusetts Proposes Use of Graphic Anti-Smoking Posters

Anti-smoking campaign in the past few years have led to growing arena of smoke-free zones, increased taxes on tobacco products, as well as improving state and local programs to help smokers to maintain.
Massachusetts wants to add to the anti-smoking campaign, becoming the first state in the nation to force retailers to prominently graphic warnings about the dangers of kureniya.Graficheskih posters will not be placed "out of sight" but must be placed next to the tobacco sales racks, cash registers, where they can not be missed.
The posters will contain images of ominously darkened lungs, brain damage, and bad teeth to show the dangers of tobacco use. Retailers who refuse to display symptoms within two feet of tobacco displays and cash register could face a fine of $ 100 to $ 300.
Department of Health of Massachusetts proposed a campaign that now must be approved by the Public Health Council. The Boston Globe reports that the doctors, disease trackers and consumer activists on board have already expressed support for such mery.Sovet will meet in August.

Posters on the model of personal-left-fantasy campaign in New York, where the signs depicting the health effects of smoking began appearing in stores in December last year.
The campaign is guaranteed $ 316,000 in federal stimulus money from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which will allow the state to provide the materials to retailers without charge.

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